The Best Paid YouTube Video Promotion Websites For Your Music To Expose You Across The Global Audience

Lisa Nabors
7 min readDec 6, 2020

Music videos on YouTube are extensively popular across the world but savoring the best opportunities and the taste of popularity often takes a lot of effort. Not only should there be creative uniqueness and eccentricity in the content but the implementation of the right promotional strategies is also important. There are several ways and methods to integrate promotional drives in the circulation of your music videos which has resulted in many services to offer their leads in the scope of effective marketing. If you are a musician yourself and do not know which is the best paid YouTube video promotion websites for the best audience engagement, the following list will help you find the best option.

Given YouTube’s space for creative expressions and the volume of content in the scope of music that is being released every day, it is crucial for every musician to avail of a service that would lead them towards the best promotional opportunities. Services also come in various categories like social media ad networks, traditional ad networks, YouTube promotion networks, and freelance promotion. All these help in the effective circulation of music videos thus increasing audience engagement and the exposure to various relevant opportunities.

Social Media Ad Networks

Social media platforms form the foundation of any promotional content. However, for YouTube video promotion specifically, there are several social media networks that allow musicians to effectively circulate music content and garner audiences and exposure in the process.

Facebook/Instagram Ads- Facebook is currently the most targeted ad system in the world that makes it an ideal platform for marketers. Instagram, on the other hand, is a limitless visual space that provides a great scope of effective advertising.

Twitter Ads- Twitter may not have as extensive a target of engagement as Facebook but it is also a crucial social media platform for the circulation of content. Music videos can be promoted on Twitter’s platform through short promotional videos or gifs. Twitter is extremely dynamic and hence availing a professional service is recommended.

YouTube/Google Ads- Advertise your music video content on YouTube and expand your reach everywhere around the world. Google ads help in natively getting the advantages of ads on blogs and web ads. One will also get to avail of the advantages of Google’s outstanding integration and analytics.

Pinterest Ads- Like Instagram, Pinterest is a creative space for visual content. There may be some drawbacks in Pinterest if pitted against the promotional variety and control of Instagram or Facebook ads. However, if planned strategically, Pinterest can also be used to the advantage of your marketing campaign.

Reddit Ads- Reddit ads can also be used effectively in the promotion and marketing of music videos. Do some market research on Reddit ads before you plan on implementing your strategies.

Traditional Ad Networks

The visual depiction of content is far more impactful than any other format. Availing the services of traditional ad networks may require investment but the long-term results are really great with extensive exposure of your content and your brand as a musician.

Outbrain- Of all the high-end native advertising networks, Outbrain stands out because of its integration with relevant blogs. It can be used to stir audience engagement and the right features and implementations will surely take you to the epitome of promotional impetus.

Taboola- With different display networks, a single promotion can take you to avail of the advantages of getting features on a variety of sites. This space is often used by musicians looking for engagement but it is always advisable to check and dry run your prospects before investing.

BrightRoll — Although on the high-end side of things, BrightRoll requires very high requirements for the publishers. Even though the investment is high, the returns are worth it.

AdBeat- Adbeat acquired a few years back. However, the relevance of AOL has been maintained unadulterated in the digital scope. For some specific content, they also have a private marketplace that can be used effectively for your business goals.

MGid-This traditional ad network has 1000+ publishers alongside billions of video ads monthly. As a result, the viewership rate is also high with a surprisingly lower service cost.

Revcontent-Auditude was acquired by Adobe and was later rebranded and roped in to the scope of Adobe Marketing Cloud, an integrated space for an array of applications, services, and SaaS offerings. Publishers control the proceedings hence paving the way for higher quality views.

TripleLift-TripleLift video advertising hub is very effective. Since they are also affiliated with the same group as Tribal Focus, it is very beneficial for those who want to split focus on their website.

Ad Push Up- Primarily focusing on American websites and the American market, Videology is a very well-reviewed traditional ad network. This network is good for increased CPM rates on YouTube ads.

Native Ads- Focusing on programmatic purchasing that also offers exposure to video audiences. Depending on the nature of your content, you can avail of various benefits of Native ads through pre-rolled ads on platforms outside of YouTube.

Buzzoola- Undertone has boasted high CPM rates for publishers and hence, high ad rates for advertisers. Their significant cross-screen presence on mobile devices, desktop, and applications set them aside as one of the best traditional ad networks availed by content creators for effective promotion.

YouTube Promotion Networks

Ad networks that collaborate with YouTube creators specifically and offer promotional opportunities for your YouTube content are known as YouTube promotion networks. They help in increasing audience engagement and views and do not offer direct prospects of revenue or sale conversions.

Promozle- One of the premium sites for YouTube music video promotion, Promozle has rapidly become one of the leading companies in providing musicians with the exposure that they are looking for in their careers. With a user-friendly website, it lets users customize their packages for views and engagement and allow musicians the opportunity to excel in their respective areas.

Promolta- A technical and functional crossover between view buying and traditional ads, Promolta focuses on the promotion of YouTube videos through their integrated network of various display sites.

VRocket- Although this network has gone through its share of legal controversies, they can use good techniques in their ad promotion campaigns.

Vid Orange- Although Vid Orange is not very big as an ad network, it has been making effective progress with their technological and marketing potential since 2007. In fact, their clientele list includes the likes of Microsoft, Visa, Coke, various car companies, and Disney among many others. They have also worked extensively for Obama’s campaigns during the Presidential elections.

Viboom- Viboom, although a small network, is raved by users and is flooded with great reviews about their services. Their service costs might be high at $30 every 1000 views but this small engagement has proved beneficial and advantages for many. All their views are real and organic and will not be purged in audits.

Sprizzy- They are one of the newest entrants in the scope of digital advertising. However, their approach is media-centric which might revolutionize the scope of digital marketing. Not only do they contribute to the promotion of YouTube videos, but they are also active in implementing crowdfunding campaigns and Kickstarters which is ideal especially for small-scale businesses, independent content creators, upcoming musicians, and more.

Just Russ- Another media-centric network that collaborates with various brands through the concept of paid-influencer marketing, Just Russ is also emerging as an effective ad network. The client must invest for this exposure through the service and the promotion takes place across various relevant promotions and partnerships. They have specific and strict entry requirements because of their market value and also limited availability.

Freelance Promotion

Various freelancers with good promotional skills are also effective in paving the way for extensive engagement of a musician. They can have media connections or can promote you through their own channels. They run campaigns across ad networks that acting as an outsourcing medium for your content. However, in spite of the effectiveness of freelance promotions, always stay aware of black hat services and spammers. Be cautious of your choices and always make sure that the services they are providing tally with the price point. It is advisable to do a small test run before you invest in something big.

SEOClerk- This is one effective service for search marketing and social professionals. Irrespective of the type of content, their use of legally authorized and black hat techniques and strategies make for effective promotional prospects.

Freelancer- This is the most widely-known online freelancing hub that helps clients come in touch with various potential marketers.

Upwork- Find the ideal freelancer for your promotional prospects with Upwork.

Fiverr- If used correctly, Fiverr can be extremely beneficial for promoting content in the online scope.


Online marketing and promotional guidelines have gone through the winds of cultural and technical change and today, effective engagement of the global audience can only be attained successfully through such services. Depending on your prospects, long-term goals, and budgets, these services stand integral in the global expansion of new musicians in garnering audiences, engagement, views that lead the path towards endless opportunities, and a flourishing career.